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Lets talk about Website Visitor Tracking Software – When it comes to b2b lead generation, it can be a pretty frustrating task. Consider that around 98% of visitors who arrive at your website do not enquire, it’s a rather daunting bit of data. Website visitor tracking is a beautifully simple yet effective way to find which companies are visiting your website but not contacting you (for whatever reason). All it takes is a bit of code on your website, and we do all the legwork. As one of the UK’s leading online lead generation companies, would you expect anything less?


With a custom piece of technical code implemented on specific pages of your website, the credibility of these leads will have huge value to you and your business. Google Analytics provides a vast amount of credible data, from visitor count to bounce rates, even going as far as telling you what device your visitors are using. That being said, the real value lays in who is actually visiting your site. Knowing how many users visited your site only takes you so far, knowing who those visitors are takes you the rest of the way. Take a look at the below points with how we can break down these leads for you allowing you to properly track website visitors…


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We can track users who have visited the website a certain amount of times. If a user visits the website once, they would likely be considered warm; if a user visits the website 3 times, they would likely be considered as hot.


We can track users who have spent a certain amount of time on the website. If a user spends 20 seconds on the website, they would likely be considered as warm; if a user spends 4 minutes on the website, they would likely be considered as hot.


We can track users who have visited certain pages of the site. You may have a particular service which gains most income, or which requires increased business development. We can insert the code to dictate its tracking capabilities down to only specific pages. This means that when a visitor hits one of these pages, they are likely interested in the service, thus available to you as a hot lead.


We can track website visitors from all over the world. What’s interesting about this is that we can qualify visitors from individual countries. This means that if you have a sales team who target particular countries/territories, then we can break down and split up the leads for ease of distribution to your sales team for conversion into a customer.


So, what lead information can you expect? We’ll send over details such as:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company website
  • Contact details including phone number and/or email address
  • Links to various employees on LinkedIn



Key Benefits of the Service

We will work with you to determine the factors that will qualify what criteria equates to a hot lead for your company. If you’re looking at lead generation companies for your B2B lead generation, then get in touch with one of the team today to discuss your online lead generation strategy.

  Detailed info on fully credible leads
  Effective integration with your sales team
  Reduce time spent prospecting leads and just wait for the data!