Facebook PPC

While Google AdWords is established and is a proven method of online marketing in the UK and across the world, Facebook’s PPC service is relatively recent and underutilised. Facebook ads are more direct; businesses can place targeted ads by demographic and psychographic but there is a lower click through rate (CTR). Google is less niche

The Cookie Law

There must have been a collective sigh of relief for web marketers across the UK when the ICO postponed the enforcement of last month’s cookies law. As simply making visitors aware that websites require cookies is no longer enough, many businesses will be forced to request and obtain permission from each user. A year’s grace

The Panda Update

If you haven’t heard about it by now, Google rolled out an algorithm change to Google search not to long ago, in February in the US and April in the UK. It was Google’s way of combating low quality websites ranking higher than high quality websites on Google search. But it has effected everyone with

Traffic on the Internet to Quadruple by 2015

I read that quote the other day, about how the Internet traffic is expected to be 4 times bigger in 2015 than it is now. That is a ridiculous statistic, 4 time the people on the Internet than today! The Internet is about to become an over crowded place. But you know this is so

Advertising on Facebook

New media means new business models. The music industry in particular has been slow to catch up with this but other businesses have flourished. Whilst some have been left scratching their heads thinking ‘where will the money come from?’ others have carefully and intelligently allowed advertisers to foot the bill. This practise is extremely beneficial

The PPC & SEO Phenomenon

TapCentre.com, now the number one retailer of kitchen sinks and taps joined Digital Clicks approximately 18 months ago with no visibility within search engines.  Digital Clicks has been instrumental in the number one position of Tap Centre. Below is a small sample of keywords that we have achieved number 1 rankings for… KEYWORDS Rankings 5/31/2011

Embrace the Twitter Elite & Their Power

The power that Social Media can have on our culture is now impossible to dismiss. What is most interesting is the speed of certain movements within the micro-blogging world that have the potential of entertaining the entire nation within seconds or even culminate in changing lives. The twitter elite have the ability to connect to

An Android fan’s take on IOS5

For a long time now I have always been a religious android user. I just love it. The fact that I can have a custom app for my texting. Skype for video calls and heaps of great music players to choose from. A couple of years ago I sold my IPhone 3G to get myself