Do you know your 404s from your 500s? In this post, we’ll be going over some of the HTTP status codes that users sometimes encounter when things aren’t quite perfect on a website. Depending on the type of issue that a user has been confronted with, a number will be displayed on their browser that

Infographics in Web Design

  There has been a design revolution among web designers that has grown in popularity in recent years and that is the awesome information tool the infographic. For those few of you who may not have come across an infographic before and are wondering what exactly it is, they are simply graphical ways of explaining

Web Design Strategies to Improve User Experience

So consider this: you’ve built up a fantastic SEO strategy, through months of thorough and consistent link building you’ve managed to get your site as one of the top search results for your relevant keywords. Great news, but if your website isn’t as good as your Internet marketing, then you will fall flat. Research shows