Well we suppose we better start by re-assuring everybody that Twitter is far from dead… However, for those of you who aren’t aware, the social media giant has indeed fallen a few pegs down on the beanstalk of progress. 2015 has been, to an extent, a period of decline for Twitter with the worst of

The 140-character Limit From Direct Messages Could be Going

Does it really matter? What does it mean for its general users and businesses? Last week, Twitter announced that it is removing the 140-character limit from Direct Messages next month. This allows users to communicate with one another privately in a more freely manner. Prior to this announcement, Twitter enables users to exchange private messages

SMO: Effective Tweets

Twitter is great, there’s no doubt about that, for many businesses it has provided a vehicle for Internet marketing success. It’s not simply a case of being on Twitter however, like any written medium, it’s all about connecting with your audience and establishing a lasting relationship that’s built upon interesting posts. Without further ado, here

Heello: is it the Twitter clone?

Twitpic developer Noah Everett recently released his ‘Heello’ service and it’s generated a lot of talk since. Why is this newsworthy? Despite first mentioning the service last August, the service was released one day after Twitter implemented photo insertion, which was the foundation of Everett’s Twitpic service. The funny thing is, the service is laughably

Twitter’s Activity Stream

Twitter announced some additions to it’s service today. While it’s keeping its reverse chronological stream of activity, two tabs have been added, the ‘@username’ tab and the ‘activity’ tab, which may have positive effect on for Internet marketing services and brands alike who use Twitter as part of their SMO strategies. The @username tab replaces the @mention

SMO: How to Tweet Successfully

With over 200 million users, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Twitter and get lost in the sea of conversation. So what can you do to get noticed? Of course, not everybody on Twitter is interested in the same things and only certain users will care for what you generally tweet about. There are, however,