Integrating Social Media into marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing that utilises popular social networking sites to create a brand presence, extend its identity and to communicate actively with consumers. Often incorporated into a company’s integrated marketing campaign, social media and viral marketing has seen major growth over the past few years with figures showing over

The Benefits of ORM

In the last few years Internet marketers have realised the benefits of ploughing energy into their SMO campaigns. While social media has many uses for those wishing to be successful online, one of the main advantages is the influence they are given in maintaining the reputations of their brands. As social media offers a personalised

Social Media: For Kids!

It’s no secret that social media is taking over the world. It’s not uncommon in today’s society for a person to update their location on Foursquare, tweet about the event they just witnessed there, upload a picture or video of what’s happening and then add the friends that they made there on Facebook. It’s not

Heello: is it the Twitter clone?

Twitpic developer Noah Everett recently released his ‘Heello’ service and it’s generated a lot of talk since. Why is this newsworthy? Despite first mentioning the service last August, the service was released one day after Twitter implemented photo insertion, which was the foundation of Everett’s Twitpic service. The funny thing is, the service is laughably