Web Design Strategies to Improve User Experience

So consider this: you’ve built up a fantastic SEO strategy, through months of thorough and consistent link building you’ve managed to get your site as one of the top search results for your relevant keywords. Great news, but if your website isn’t as good as your Internet marketing, then you will fall flat. Research shows

Facebook Vs Twitter

“I don’t really understand twitter.” “I don’t need twitter.” “I don’t even want to talk to celebrities.” Just some of the things you sometimes hear when trying to get your friends to sign up and start tweeting. Facebook seems to have everything you need for sharing things with your mates but is it really the

The Perfect Network? Google+!

Google has started rolling out Google+ their social network. I am so very excited for this; Digital Clicks has invites too (Check our Facebook page for Invites: http://www.facebook.com/digitalclicks). Google have been very clever with rolling out Plus; Facebook and Skype should be worried, very worried. Lets have a look at the context: At the moment,