What is SMO?

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is “the method of social activity that attracts visitors to a website through an elevated search rank”. Sounds like search engine optimisation? SMO is part and parcel of any good SEO strategy. Today, social media optimisation is really coming into its own.   As the influence of social media has expanded,

The new Delicious stacks up

If Google Plus and Facebook were not enough to create news, there’s a lot of hoopla surrounding the new layout of Delicious. Yahoo acquired the company in 2005 and very recently sold it to AVOS in the April of 2011 after which this is the first time the company has made any changes to the

Microtargeting, Hypertargeting and Nanotargeting

This type of marketing is the new radio commercial; why target such a broad demographic when you can tailor your adverts for your perfect audience. Let’s look at a low down of the terms: Microtargeting – This is a technique mainly used by political parties and election campaigns. The tactics used in these types of

Integrating Social Media into marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing that utilises popular social networking sites to create a brand presence, extend its identity and to communicate actively with consumers. Often incorporated into a company’s integrated marketing campaign, social media and viral marketing has seen major growth over the past few years with figures showing over