What is PPC?

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. It is a type of paid advertising. Every time a user clicks on your advert, you pay your search engine a small fee. This fee can come out of a prepaid amount, or be taken straight out of your bank account, but either way you set your

Google adds +1 to display network adverts

In an effort to match the social media giant Facebook in the PPC search engine marketing game Google has pushed the boat out adding a +1 button to all adverts that are run on the company’s display network. There are a number of reasons this should be considered good news by advertisers. One major reason

Should I use Search or Display Network?

There is often confusion from those inexperienced in online marketing over the difference between running a pay per click AdWords campaign on the search network or the display network. If you are wondering yourself quite what the difference between the two is, you’re in luck the answer is actually relatively simple. The search network is

PPC Optimisation Tips

What is PPC Optimisation? PPC (Pay Per Click) Optimisation can be an effective way for companies to advertise and market their messages to prospective customers within 70 characters or so. This limit in length has forced advertisers to be more creative with their marketing strategies and convey their messages directly and successfully. The success rate