Should I use Search or Display Network?

There is often confusion from those inexperienced in online marketing over the difference between running a pay per click AdWords campaign on the search network or the display network. If you are wondering yourself quite what the difference between the two is, you’re in luck the answer is actually relatively simple. The search network is

Google+ Posts and Search Results

News of a new Google search feature arrived this week: link annotation integration. With this feature, users will be met with annotated link results when they search but only if a friend has posted the link and a relevant message publically on Google+. This new addition to Google’s social search provides a recommendational function not

SMO: How to Tweet Successfully

With over 200 million users, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Twitter and get lost in the sea of conversation. So what can you do to get noticed? Of course, not everybody on Twitter is interested in the same things and only certain users will care for what you generally tweet about. There are, however,

SEO: Turning Rankings into Customers

You’ve finally done it, you’re ranking in the top 3 results for all your keywords, congratulations! But what’s this? Your site is suffering with diminishing customer activity and an ever-increasing bounce rate? SEO is half the game, but turning these rankings into customers is what successful online marketing is all about. Could it be that

Foursquare for Businesses

Today, Foursquare announced that business profiles could now be opened on a ‘self-serve’ basis. Previously, Foursquare has been maintained manually, with each of the 3000+ brands being dealt with individually. Now brands of any size or type can set up their own pages. This is good news for small businesses wishing to complement their SMO