We often get asked, why keyword is mapping such an important task at the start of an SEO campaign? Well, let us explain.   Keyword mapping if you’re not familiar with the term, is the process where in which we allocate each URL on the website with campaign keywords. A general rule of thumb is

Basic rules for keyword selection

Keyword selection and insertion are two of the most important features of SEO. Keyword populated content leads to your pages being deemed relevant by search engine crawlers and is responsible in no small part for the rankings which website’s receive. Content makes the SEO world go round. In terms of keyword selection, it is of

SEO: Search Intentions

Sure, you might know what your users are searching, but if you don’t know why they’re searching it then your SEO campaign could be fatally flawed. A good online marketing company is empathic. Unlike entering visiting your favourite blog or using ‘StumbleUpon’, using a search engine is a process that is fuelled with intent; a user will

Google Shopping SEO

While SEO is an important part of the internet marketing strategy for any product or service, it is the tangible products that you are selling that could benefit from a Google’s product search. Depending on what your are selling, the product search results can be very competitive, marketers would do well to appropriately tag their

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are specific words or phrases placed in online content that SEOs know will correspond to a user’s searched terms. They’re the main method of driving traffic to a  particular location, as search engines match search queries to the most relevant, recommended and popular matches from the content that thier crawlers have collected. They are essential if