Integrating Social Media into marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing that utilises popular social networking sites to create a brand presence, extend its identity and to communicate actively with consumers. Often incorporated into a company’s integrated marketing campaign, social media and viral marketing has seen major growth over the past few years with figures showing over

Understanding Search Intent

Understanding user intent while they search is an important aspect of SEO and PPC as while Google’s and other search engine’s algorithms continue to be updated, the general reasons for searching and means of searching remain similar. There generally 3 accepted ‘intent’ while searching. If queries are ‘navigational’, users know exactly what they are looking

LinkedIn Social Ads

Recently LinkedIn responded to criticism incurred by their recent changes to their 3rd party PPC ads. The changes featured members of users’ networks alongside brand ads if those members were following that brand or service. The ‘worlds largest professional network’ announced the changes in June and provided an opt-out option for users if they didn’t

PPC & SEO: Why they work best combined

It’s common knowledge amongst marketers that both pay per click advertising and organic search optimisation are at their most effective when enforced together. When you go to the supermarket, you tend to notice the brand that occupies the most shelf space for a particular item and you automatically assume that it’s one of the more

The Benefits of Facebook PPC Ads

One of my previous posts concluded that Facebook PPC advertising is best considered as an accompaniment to Google AdWords rather than as a replacement. They are completely different services, with varying intents behind their use. Google’s ubiquity makes paid search a necessity for those in online marketing, as users all over the world turn to Google to