Top Ten Facebook Hates

The vast majority of us use Facebook. Whether you’ve got 30 friends or 3000, even if you only use it to set up Events or play Farmville, using Facebook means you’ll be inundated with the latest output from your friends’ status updates. So do you ignore your newsfeed like the plague, or scroll down it

The Launch of the Smart Friend lists by Facebook

Facebook is known for constantly updating and improving its site due to the high volume of traffic and constant additions people make to their social networking page. Improvements are usually implemented without question and before you know it, you’re use to the new layout and can’t even remember how you survived using the old format.

Facebook vs Google: The next steps

Facebook have taken the next step in their battle for social-networking supremacy against Google+. Their latest update sees the inclusion of a new and very Google Plus-esque status box, in which users can now geo-tag their location and, most importantly, select specifically which friend groups are allowed to see it. Those that have recently jumped

SMO: Turning Facebook fans into traffic

Okay so you’re on Facebook and your company fan page has a fairly decent following, great work! But how can you turn these fans into website traffic? After all, the entire purpose of SMO, like any part of marketing, is to ultimately increase brand awareness, create a strong brand image, persuade people to buy the