The Benefits of Facebook PPC Ads

One of my previous posts concluded that Facebook PPC advertising is best considered as an accompaniment to Google AdWords rather than as a replacement. They are completely different services, with varying intents behind their use. Google’s ubiquity makes paid search a necessity for those in online marketing, as users all over the world turn to Google to

The Rise of Facebook PPC

According to the Global Digital Marketing Performance Report 2Q11, from Efficient Frontier, the price of PPC adverts on Facebook have risen by 22% in the second quarter of this year. This followed a 40% rise in the first quarter of the year. If the cost of ads continues to rise at the rate it has

Google Plus Internet Marketing

As you will have heard, Google recently released Google + (Plus), a new social media service. Google have made a giant step forward in the name of synergy, combining many features that other services offer individually as part of an almost all-inclusive internet package. I’m not sure if the service will prove a real competitor

Facebook PPC

While Google AdWords is established and is a proven method of online marketing in the UK and across the world, Facebook’s PPC service is relatively recent and underutilised. Facebook ads are more direct; businesses can place targeted ads by demographic and psychographic but there is a lower click through rate (CTR). Google is less niche

Advertising on Facebook

New media means new business models. The music industry in particular has been slow to catch up with this but other businesses have flourished. Whilst some have been left scratching their heads thinking ‘where will the money come from?’ others have carefully and intelligently allowed advertisers to foot the bill. This practise is extremely beneficial