Bing Webmaster Tools Updates: the follow up to the Honey Badger updates

With Bing and Yahoo! pursuing a joint venture by combining their search results in an attempt to catch up with main SERP rival Google, Bing is presently re-examining and updating its webmaster tools to develop search engine optimisation and its customer base. Bing took some time out to focus on what they were lacking and what

Yahoo!’s Bing Crawler and SEO

From August 3rd 2011, Yahoo! will be employing Bing’s search algorithms on their European Yahoo! properties as they did in the USA last august. This could have a noticeable effect on the SEO elements of Internet marketing in the UK as any marketers that draw large amounts of traffic from Yahoo!’s search engine may see

SEO: Optimising for Bing

Okay so it’s certainly no Google, but with just over 14% of the market share (as of April 2011), Bing is something that should be considered by every Internet marketing agency that’s serious about their SEO services. Recently, rumours have been brewing about the possibility of Microsoft selling Bing. This is not the case and