How to spruce up your social accounts

As we all know, social media is an unprecedented power when it comes to business. Companies would be foolish to not have some sort of presence on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. But even with these pages up and running, you need to keep audiences engaged. They say variety is the spice of life – so here is our advice on how to keep things exciting.

Don’t post marketing message after marketing message, promotion after promotion

Nobody wants to follow a page whose only updates are marketing or promotional material. Social media allows consumers to connect on another level with brands and businesses. People want to see some personality and character and experience something more personable from companies.

Keep in-touch with and monitor trends on networks like Twitter, but make sure it’s relevant to you.

During Wimbledon’s world-famous tennis tournament, businesses tweeted using #Wimbledon. Vogue Magazine tweeted about strawberries, H&M chatted about tennis inspired clothing and Tatler commented on Wimbledon as a travel destination. Even though these brands may not be directly related to tennis, it shows they are up to date with trends.

Post/share a variety of content ranging from web links to images and videos to polls.

Noticed a funny picture or interesting article? Chances are others will find it entertaining too. Sharing is big business on Facebook and Twitter and you could reach thousands of potential customers. If you’re a thought leader in your industry, create a highly shareable infographic based on research.

Be emotive and encourage engagement

There are so many ways for users to engage with companies online. Use features like Facebook Reactions, Periscope and Facebook Live to connect with your audience. Streaming platforms allow followers to comment whilst broadcasting and encourage conversation. In general, don’t ignore your consumers.

Know your audience and ensure that tone of voice & styling resonates with them

Take a look at BuzzFeed. 50% of their demographic is under 35 and their content reflects that. Full to the brim with pictures, GIFs and articles written in an identifiable tone. Compare that to a company targeting an older demographic or a super specific market, and you’ll notice a completely different style and sound.

But don’t be afraid to experiment! – Within reason. Try different styles of post and see what works.

Start out with small changes, like varying the time you post content. Uploading at 10am might be convenient, but what if you want to access an audience that isn’t active on social media until 6pm. Switch up how you present your info, add pictures, videos and humour or try changing your language style to appeal to different people.

Its never a bad time to revamp your social accounts and hopefully these tips have inspired you to try something fresh and new. Remember to keep it exciting and interesting, take advice from your audience and keep connected.

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