Social media optimisation – Add Google+ badge and generate more leads

One of the recent strategies adopted by internet marketing firms to promote a website, webpage or web store is social media. It is an important and crucial step. Social media typically helps connect with people; know their likes, dislikes and observations. These inputs are vital from search engine optimisation point of view.

Online marketing is a group of strategies which are adopted and exploited by internet marketing firms, to popularise various products and services. Social media forms one of those essential strategies. Some of the other methods to promote websites are; on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, back linking via blogs and articles and emails.

Every strategy used is either to promote a product or service or connect with people to get their reviews and comments

So why has “people connection” become so important? Secondly, does this strategy push a website up in search engine ranking? The answer is yes. Strong people connection typically pushes a website up in SERP’s. Google has made it clear that its algorithm favors websites which have many followers; individuals or groups. Google also introduced a tool to make it easy for website owners and marketers to make people connection an easy chore.

Google introduced +1 button so that websites could stand out and shine on user search. It also makes it easy for people to share and “like” your content on Google+ pages. Sharing also allows audience to post their reviews or content right from the Google+ pages. Yet another tool from Google called the Google+ business allows interaction with the audience in a more commercial way.

These pages give your company website an identity. In a way, you are creating an online brand, which helps push sales and revenues. Google+ pages make it possible to have real time conversation and interaction with the users.

To start using Google+, marketers or you as a website owner first need to create Google+ page. This strategy provides site owners with the following benefits.

  1. This immediately allows you to converse with your visitors.
  2. It provides a direct link to your website where users can read/watch the latest updates.
  3. As Google+ allows users to create circles or groups you can send tailor made messages to specific groups.
  4. Popularity or sharing can be gauged from the number of +1’s you have across the web.
  5. Google+ typically helps build strong relationships. It coerces visitors to spend time and engage with your content.

Google offers a creative way to enchant your audience by offering badges of various sizes and colors. Badges allow visitors to find your Google+ page and connect with your online presence in numerous ways. It helps visitors share your content within their circles, if they like it or simply +1’d to help your social media optimisation strategy. It also provides your audience with a bird’s eye view of the popularity of your site, people who have +1’d your site. It also offers a gateway to your Google+ page.

Circles typically allow you as the marketer to address a particular group of followers of your page and share specific messages. Google has modified the badge, which now boasts a new metric called circle count.

If you are still unsure, here is an eye opener; in the recent survey, it was found that on an average the new badge accounted for additional 38% more followers. Now, do you want to miss out such a lucrative proposition? Add a badge today and generate more leads.