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We’re the social media experts with a passion for enhancing brand awareness and maximising site traffic from the most relevant social channels. We can guide you through your customer’s thought process and consider what creates and encourages conversation around your brand, and how can you use social media to drive all important sales!

Why Clicks?

  • Over 78, 5* reviews across TrustPilot and Google Reviews!
  • Managed over £1 million pounds of digital advertising spend!
  • A team dedicated to digital!
  • The ability to work with clients of all shapes and sizes!
  • Huge experience over B2B, e-commerce, and services!

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Strategic Approach

You’ll find that we’re always willing to go above and beyond in order to maximise your return on investment through flexibility of our services (something that other agencies tend to avoid!) We can not only help you define a clear strategic plan based around your business objectives for your social media, we can also provide workshops for employees to get them involved and bring them fully up to speed on what they can be doing to help improve your social media presence.

Whether your social media strategy is developed around a business-to-business or business-to-consumer model, planning and implementation are key for success and if success is what you’re after, you’re in the right place.

Why Social Media?

Nowadays, no matter your size or industry, a social media presence is required by most companies. The Internet Advertising Bureau UK found that nearly 80% of consumers would be more inclined to buy more often in the future because of a brand’s presence on social media. This itself speaks volumes on the importance of social media in today’s ever-changing digital world. It is safe to say social media is changing the way a lot of business is done.

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Ways of Working With Clicks...

We work with different clients in different ways. We like to encourage our clients to embrace social media and to get involved in some shape or form. Here are 3 different ways we work with businesses…

Social Strategy

Objective driven.

We get contracted to produce a social media strategy to be rolled out directly by the client. We hold workshops to help shape the campaign and get staff buy-in helping them to understand what the end goal is. Once the strategy is completed and approved, we then run training workshops with staff to upskill them so that they can roll out the strategy.

Part Managed

With some of our clients, we part manage the campaign. This essentially means that we run some of the communication and the internal team, work on the more immediate communications based on real-time scenarios. All key social media contributors will be trained up in line with the social media strategy.

Fully Managed

Our team fully manage and implement the approved social media strategy. Regular review points are in place to monitor performance and improve the campaign based on achieved objectives.

Working With Clicks

We understand that social media plays a crucial role in all aspects of your business and our social media management services can be your gateway to brand exposure and reputation expansion.

  • A strategy tailored to your business values and goals.
  • Identification of the most fruitful social platforms for your brand.
  • Extensive guidance around the content you should be putting out.

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