Google Shopping Feed Optimisation

A lot of online shopping these days comes from products being shown alongside a Google search, and that’s thanks to the Google Merchant Centre, that helps to sell your products to potential buyers who are looking on Google with shopping in mind, or as an added bonus.

Why Clicks?

Here at Clicks, we want to help all of our clients make more money from their online presence.

We have experience with Google Shopping Feeds, including knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and how to bring more clicks to your site and your products. We can help you manage your feeds and provide you with advice and hands-on technical monitoring of your personal shopping feed campaign.

Our team has experience working with Google Merchant Centre and other industry tools. If you’re stumped with the whole process of putting your products online, we’re here to help.

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What is Google Shopping?

Google shopping, powered by the Google Merchant Centre, sells your products using an ad that appears as part of certain Google searches, all with the purpose of selling your products and gaining additional clicks on your ads.

By setting up a price, description, and image for each product, including any specific keywords to trigger the product listing alongside certain Google searches, Google shopping is a popular way to bring more clicks, and more interest to your products. Google considers your feed, site and bids to determine which search queries will show your listings.

3 Simple Steps to Start Your Campaign

  • Create a Google Merchant Center account – If you already have a Google account, connect your account with Google Merchant Centre and set yourself up as a seller. If not, create a new account with an email and password which you can then use to login to your Merchant Centre campaign
  • Register your website domain with the Merchant Center – then follow the relevant steps to verify your business.
  • Create the Campaign – Choose a campaign name, country, maximum bid etc and get the ball rolling!

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