Analysing Data to Improve your Business

Over time, data can become very important to businesses. We would use this data to figure out new ways of communicating with our customers, driving sales and building your brand.

We work with a variety of data tools to understand user behaviour, sales funnels and general trends determine new and exciting campaigns that make a genuine difference to your business.

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Analyse and improve

Analysing data can be a cumbersome task. Here at clicks, our team of data specialists, work alongside your business, to turn that analysis into a collection of actionable tasks and strategies with the objective of growing your business. We really do make the most of data, finding ways and mechanisms to improve your business will help massively. It’s always very much overlooked, our job is to make it work hard for you.

What date do we use?

We utilise and work with lots of different software to gather high-level data. This ranges from user Analytics all the way through to video and heat tracking. We review user conversion rates, funnels, mouse movements, website hotspots and combine this with data from social channels, emails, and offline tracking.

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