Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation does exactly what it says on the tin: we optimise your website in an effort to increase the conversion rate of site visitors into customers/enquiries. By changing certain features of your website and running tests, we can measure the performance of various site structures and make website decisions based on factual data as opposed to opinions.

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Heat Mapping

A heat map is colourful graphical representation of data where a visitor’s habits are tracked so that you can see what your visitors look at or focus on the most on any given page. A heat map isn’t about who visited your site or where your visitors are coming from, but about physical areas of usage. It allows us to determine the ‘hottest’ areas of your site, which in turn will help us to understand best ways to set site structure, giving us the upper hand when maximising positioning of key information to drive conversions.

Video Tracking

Our software allows us to follow the mouse movement of users to your website. We can see behaviour and from that, draw conclusions on way to improve your website. It is also a really good way to see if users are hitting any walls on your website that are causing them to leave. It’s really interesting and useful data that turns subjective opinions of structure and design into hard facts.

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A/B Testing

A/B Testing, as the name implies, is two versions of a web page (A and B). These versions, which are identical except for one variation, are compared to review what affect it has on a user’s behaviour. An example of this is the following: Say you have a ‘Buy Now’ button on a product page. This ‘Buy Now’ button is green with black text. With an A/B Test, we would create a split, creating one buy now button red with black text, and one blue with black text. This split is then sent out, with half of your visitors seeing one colour and the other half seeing the other colour. We would run this for a number of weeks or months and see which version has gained the most conversions. With the data collected, we now have hard evidence what colour gains your buy now button the most clicks through, thus, sales. This process will continue to be repeated and tested, never getting complacent with the performance.

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We provide services to clients of all shapes and sizes, within a vast range of industries across the UK; get in touch to discuss your CRO campaign with one of our team today. We’re a leading CRO agency in Cambridge, and as you can see, we take our Conversion Optimisation campaigns seriously.

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