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Welcome to Digital Clicks where our passion for digital is reflected through the results that we have achieved for our Huntingdon SEO clients. We take pride in having a personal and hands on approach when it comes to SEO, with the goal of rapidly exceeding expectation and maximising ROI being at the forefront of our minds. 


Whether you're looking for local SEO Huntingdon, national or international SEO, let us show you what we can do.


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We will sit down with key stakeholders and plan a strategy to move forward with your SEO campaign. We’ll put together a full SEO Audit Report of your website, analysing all applicable on-page and off-page aspects. We will also research keywords and phrases relevant to your business and compose a plan of action for the campaign. This strategy will be the foundation of our campaign moving forward.


Following approval, action points outlined in the strategy will be put into place. As well as overall reporting on a monthly basis, we pride ourselves on communicating progress as and when it occurs. This way you will always be up to date on what we are doing, whether it be accessing your site to adjust technical aspects or sending you completed elements as they are completed.


SEO is a highly effective digital marketing method which is completely quantifiable. With the use of tools such as Google Analytics, we can track and measure the performance of our campaigns with 100% accuracy. We work closely with all our clients to fully understand the industry, competitors and business goals to ensure the strategy works in-line with business expectation.


We will provide monthly reports to dissect performance and act as an executive summary of the campaign. A keyword ranking report will show the performance of our chosen keywords and phrases. We know each business has different requirements, so we are able to customise reporting accordingly. In addition we aim to meet with our clients every 4 – 6 weeks either via a phone call or face to face.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an internet marketing practice, driving organic traffic – from search engines - to your website through relevant keywords and phrases associated with your business. It is a method of providing websites with massive exposure across the web by positioning your site in primary positions on search engines, in order to target customers who have no current knowledge of your brand name. Fundamentally, the higher you are on search engine results pages (SERP’s), the more traffic you will receive.

Successful SEO is achieved through completing an array of on-site and off-site tasks. Gone are the days when you could spruce up your titles and meta descriptions, stuff in a few keywords and watch your site sail to number one for your desired search queries. Nowadays, Google and other major search engines are far more intelligent, with the aim of serving users the most relevant and accurate results for search queries. While no one knows for certain all of Google's ranking factors, there are some fundamentals to successful SEO - whether it be local SEO Huntingdon or a nationwide campaign:

  • A solid keyword analysis - a core element of formulating an SEO strategy is to establish what internet users could be searching for to find your site and how competitive your sector is
  • Link building - each link that points to your site can be thought of as a vote, or a thumbs up towards your site. You want these to be reputable votes and you're in luck - we're experts when it comes to identifying and building high quality citations
  • Monitoring and reviewing - using industry standard tools, we can track performance with exceptional accuracy. An iterative reviewing process is crucial to stay on top of the game
  • Site speed - no one likes a sluggish site and neither do search engines. It's extremely important that a site runs and loads as efficiently as possible
  • How search engines perceive you locally - if you're a local business looking at Huntingdon SEO to achieve higher rankings over your competitors in the area, a strategic focus on local SEO is something you’re going to want. Did you know that whenever you search for something on Google, your location is automatically factored in? So, searching for ‘SEO Huntingdon’ will yield you some of the same results that you’ll see if you searched ‘SEO’ from a coffee shop in Huntingdon



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SEO in Huntingdon and beyond! Our reach is extensive to say the least. Whatever industry or sector your business is in, we're eager to discuss your aims and objectives. We're currently achieving great results for our Huntingdon SEO clients as well as those all over the country. We do what it takes to ensure that your website works harder for you in organic search!

  A flexible and agile approach
  Full SEO audit of your website
  Expert knowledge of industry tools - 100% accurate performance monitoring
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Digital Clicks has earned itself a reputation of providing transparent Huntingdon SEO, with complete integrity.
Our team's capabilities go far beyond the core knowledge of digital and each member has a genuine interest in staying in touch with the latest developments in the industry.
Our focus remains firmly in line with client requirements and expectations - nothing goes ahead without approval.
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Organisations in and around the local area have been making use of our Huntingdon SEO services for numerous years. Our unparalleled dedication coupled with years of experience in SEO as a whole, enables us to create the ideal campaign to provide your business with a well-rounded balance of visibility and amplified conversion. Achieving visibility through organic search is one thing, but what good is increased traffic if none of those visitors become customers? We like to go one step further here at Digital Clicks - our Huntingdon SEO services will go above and beyond through a focus on conversion optimisation to maximise your return on investment from search engine marketing. From technical, on-site elements to external factors that influence rankings, our team has it covered with a broad and diverse skill set. 

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