ORM – Dominate the search results

With the world getting more wrapped up in technology day by day, users have become a lot more internet savvy over the years, particularly when it comes to parting with their cash. It is now common place to expect a large number of customers to have weighed up their options online before making a purchase that involves any reasonable sum of money.

Customers now flock to review websites all over the web to gain information from other users in order to make an informed decision. So what does this mean for businesses? It means that online reputation management is extremely important, companies now need to be more transparent than ever, making sure they produce the highest quality of service possible for their customers. Long gone are the days when large companies were able to simply sweep disgruntled customers under the rug and be ignored.  Now every consumer has a voice and it is vital that a company monitors how it is being used.

So you want to make sure these internet savvy customers still head your way after checking out your competition then get prepared to be proactive with your online reputation management. One of the best ways of managing your reputation is to control as large a portion of the top search pages for your brand, but how do you go about doing that? This can often be a difficult task requiring help from an internet marketing specialist but by following these steps you can go a long way towards improving how your brand appears:


  • Include your brand name in every title tag, alongside the page specific keywords. Not only this but by making sure your brand is clearly identified across the websites, with a strong about us page will improve the SEO for your brand significantly


  • Blogging, there are a million reasons why any company worth its salt should include a blog, but among the most important is that it gives your brand a voice, it allows you to talk about your brand your products and services. It can also give your website a massive boost in search results rankings by increasing your web domains authority, producing well thought out and meaningful content on a regular basis is looked upon well by search engines.


  • Set up a social media profile and make sure search engines include them in the listing. Creating profiles for the company as well as its key individuals is another way that you are able to take up more space in the listings.


  • Local listings are a brilliantly simple way of occupying more space on the top search results pages. By listing your local business on these websites you allow them to achieve ranking alongside your web page and also provide users with another way to discover your business.


  • Monitor your results, often the job of an online marketing specialist, but with time to spare can be done yourself. Once you have achieved the page domination you are after you must spend time to make sure it stays that way. Services such as Google alerts allow you to track domains that rank for your brands search term.


There you have it as long as you follow these steps and monitor your brand closely you should be sitting pretty, floating atop the SERP’s before you know it.