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Online Reputation Management (ORM) is becoming incredibly important in the world of business. Keeping control of your brand online and ensuring that you are one step ahead of your competitors can be the difference between a sale, and a user bouncing off your website. Our ORM service is all about controlling, managing and monitoring conversations related to brands and individuals online.


Online Reputation Management is the management of your company’s reputation online. Sounds simple, right? Think of it this way… You’ve been saving money all year for your annual summer holiday. You’re ready to spend a lot of money on a hotel that you’ve never been to. You do a bit of looking around and find a hotel that you like. Do you book and pay straight away? Highly unlikely. What you are more likely to do is have a look on a 3rd party review sites to see what other people think of the hotel. If other people rate this hotel highly, you go back and book. If other people rate this hotel negatively, you don’t book, and that hotel has missed out on your business. That’s what online reputation management is all about.



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There are many components for successful online reputation management or online brand management. One component is reputation management on review websites. If a user buys a product or service, and they receive that product or service as expected, then they go on with their lives, because they have got what they paid for. If a user buys a product or service, and they don’t receive that product or service as expected, then it incredibly common for a user to go online and express their feelings.


Another component is social media monitoring. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs; they all provide individuals with the ultimate platform for instantly communicating opinions and thoughts. Take a Twitter user for example; if a Twitter user has a good experience, they have the opportunity to tell thousands of people about it, and we want to maximise that by direct communication and open dialogue. Ensuring that positivity is channelled and negativity is controlled is essential. Bloggers are becoming increasingly influential, some even more so than magazines and traditional publications.



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Gaining a 5 star rating is also very important for gaining trust and winning business. Just search on Google for ‘Digital Clicks’ and check out how we’re doing. Get in touch with us today to discuss our ORM service; our reviews speak for themselves.

  Monthly reporting to track your brand's image online
  A track record of removing negativity from the spotlight
  A complete strategy to build and solidify a positive image