Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The purpose of online reputation management is not to deceive.  It is human nature to want to rant or moan about 1 unfortunate experience, but where are all the happy customers?  Customers have no idea what happens behind the scenes, they do not understand the processes and work required to make transactions and fulfilment go smoothly.  Hence, they are very reluctant to start writing blogs and reviews stating how good their experience was.

The few unhappy customers that maybe have caught you out slightly, will be instantly looking for an outlet to have a little moan. It is imperative that this is monitored and controlled correctly in order to stop it getting out of hand and really affecting the day to day sales because of one or two bad reviews that may be out on the internet.  Do not let this get on top of your brand, act quickly to get it resolved if it is already an issue, and/or monitor it to prevent it from becoming a big problem.