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15 Feb 2018

3 Advertising Campaigns from 2017 that Shouldn’t Exist

Global brands spend millions of dollars a year on advertising and seasoned marketing professionals, but somehow, they can still get it so wrong that their campaign hugely backfires and, in some cases, manages to be banned. From Nivea to Pepsi here are last year’s biggest mistakes from these worldwide brands.


Dove Body Lotion- Real Beauty

Ordinarily, at the forefront of the skincare industry, Dove came under attack for not one but two campaigns this year.

One showing a black woman transforming into a white woman after she had used the Dove body lotion, was for obvious reasons immediately shot down by the public when first posted to Facebook. The racist advert apologized and said they “missed the mark” and blamed the marketing team by saying they “should have known better”.

However, the damage was done, and many social media users called for the boycott of Dove’s products. This was not the first time they have been racist when it comes to their advertising. 2011 Dove’s before-and-after advert again showed the transition from black to white. They clearly didn’t learn their lesson, and a huge sense of irony when it comes to the “Real Beauty” campaign.


Kendall Jenner Pepsi Co.

It’s always a risky move incorporating politics to sell your brand, and Pepsi is the perfect example.

Last year was a year full of political difficulties. Police racism & brutality videos coating our social platforms, shootings and multiple terror attacks. Pepsi argued they were “trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding”, but people simply found it insensitive. It was making light of a very serious issue which simply cannot be solved by handing someone a can of fizzy drink. As you can imagine the advert was swiftly pulled from any further rollout.

Among those mocking the advert was Bernice King, who tweeted a photo of her father, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, being confronted by a police officer at a protest march. “If only Daddy would have known about the power of Pepsi,” the tweet said.


Nivea-‘White is Purity’

Well, the name of the advert says it all really.

Another skincare advert that sparked controversy for its racist undertone was Nivea’s campaign for deodorant with the words ‘White is Purity’ plastered across the image of a white woman.

It was condemned on social media but sadly also spread among alt-right social accounts, who trolled the Nivea account with comments, and images of Hitler and Pepe the from, who was branded a hate symbol last year.


16 Jan 2018

3 Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Website

We all want to be visible in some way. It’s human nature. But visibility means different things to different people. For some its to be in the spotlight, for others, it’s the odd genuine well-timed compliment. The same applies when it comes to visibility of your website. The type and amount of attention all depends on the nature of your business and products/services.

Whenever you need to find something out, what do you usually do? – You pull up Google and type in your query right? Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches a day. So it’s no wonder everybody is desperate to get involved in SEO and be the first result. To many, it seems daunting and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be, here are 4 Tips to increase the visibility of your website.

We’re Digital Clicks, SEO specialists working in Cambridge with clients across the whole country. We specialise in SEO campaigns, especially when one wants to optimise for a local SEO campaign in Cambridge. For more information, any help or advice for your campaign or to know more about how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.

12 Jan 2018


Do you want your business to be noticed in today’s day and age? With the everchanging media platforms and forms of communication, it can be difficult to know where to start, when it comes to getting your business out there. It’s all about targeting your audience and seizing their attention. But, then how do you transform this into sales?

Follow these steps in improving brand awareness for your business and start to see your client list mature.


1. Launch a PR Campaign

Gaining press coverage is essentially free advertising, but its actually better than that. Editorial has more credibility which in turn, is more likely to convince potential clients/customers to check you out. The hard part is coming up with a newsworthy angle, this all depends on whether you are aiming to target national or local media, TV, radio or print.

Possibly, you have a personal story of how your business came about, maybe you’ve launched a unique product? If you really struggle with finding newsworthy info, you can conduct surveys on your niche and publish the results.

Another top tip is search for the hashtags #pressrequest #journorequest


2. Work to Keep Your Name in the Front of the Market

This point may seem like a pretty obvious one, but ‘out of sight, out of mind’, right? This also applies to business. if your potential clients can’t see you or your brand on a regular basis, you won’t be at the forefront of their mind when it comes to requiring your services.


3. Use the Same Logo, Colours and Fonts in all Present and Future Marketing

Consistency is key. For example, when we see the simple two yellow arches, the company McDonald’s is already in our heads. Streamlining all your materials throughout all media platforms allows your target audience to recognise you easily by a simple logo or colour them no matter what they are browsing on.


4. Join Forces

There’s power in numbers – If you can identify with other businesses, targeting the same company but not going head to head, there’s an opportunity to come together for mutual benefit.

For example – Say your business is in Floristry you could offer a discount for a local bridal shop. It’s a great way to attract new customers, and for your partner, it’s a great way to attract and reward customers with virtually no effort involved.


5. Increase your Content Output

If your looking to increase your brand awareness, regularly producing content is key.

Link your newsletter to your website to allow your clientele connect with you on several platforms. Create a Blog, write articles, give your audience a reason to spend more time with your business. This method increases site traffic, humanizes your brand and builds authority in your brand.


6. Take to Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and so on, offer businesses an opportunity to promote themselves, build their brand and their target audience free-of-charge.

Finding the time to feed your profiles and blogs can be tough, but if you are going to delve into this type of promotion, you need to make sure you’re active – this involves posting every day if not more. But what to write about? Knowledge of a particular area can gain a large following, but also comment and engage with the latest topics and trends on social media., this will engage your audience.

Don’t forget you need to talk to others to expand your following. people like to know there is someone behind that profile – a human, they can engage with. This involves responding to comments on your pages swiftly and engaging in followers conversation. Witty replies from the likes of Tesco captures the attention from followers.


7. Tap into the Force of Video

Video marketing has continued to rise in popularity, and the statistics are there to prove it. Facebook Live is now reportedly at 8 billion views daily, surpassing Youtubes 5 million views a day.

With this kind of following video content it collecting, it is almost certain if you release a video, someone will be watching it. Other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, are battling to keep up with the Facebook and Youtube. They are giving more importance to video as a format on their site, this gives your business a chance to grow using this kind of content.



11 Jan 2018

5 Must-Download Google Chrome Extensions





Google Chrome is already pretty neat. But there are lots of ways it allows you to make it even better – adding extensions for example.
Chrome extensions are essentially small ‘Apps’ that can be found on the Chrome web store, add an extra feature to your browser, whether it be assisting with web development or creating your own avatar with Bitmoji.

These tiny wonders are located on the right-hand side of your browser which can be managed by clicking “more tools” then “extensions” in the menu icon.

Here are 5 Google chrome extensions that we love the most when it comes to digital marketing.




Hootsuite is a web-based social media management tool that you can access on your web browser or as a chrome extension. It allows users to schedule and post to any profile or page for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other platforms from one place.

It has a dedicated section for analytical reports and click summaries, which works with both Google Analytics and Facebook Insights – An essential tool for marketers presenting campaign numbers to clients.

Although Hootsuite has a free option, Hootsuite pro isn’t exactly expensive, priced at $16 a month in our opinion it’s very much worth it! However, if you’re unsure, there is a 30 day free trial of Hootsuite pro. We use Hootsuite when managing clients and our own social media platforms, and it makes everything considerably simpler.




I’m not sure what we’d do without this little gem on our browsers. It helps you create and perfect sentences, emails, articles and any body of writing you produce.

It displays your grammar errors or simple spelling mistakes. Nearly everywhere this clever friend will check your writing, and for websites not compatible, it has a web platform for you to paste your body of text into.

Of course, like most apps & extensions it has a premium option. For $11.66 a month Grammarly premium detects everything from weak vocabulary to plagiarism and contextual errors, but we find the free version enough. Install.


Google Tag Assistant


Google can be all kinds of useful and Google Tag Assistant is a prime example of this. This simple to use chrome extension allows you to check all of your google tags including analytics code, structured data, remarketing code and much more.

This handy plug-in seems basic at first, but one of our favourite Geek- worthy features of google tag assist is the “Record” button. Located at the bottom left side is a guiltless little record button, push this and navigate through your site and you will be astounded at what google tag assist will find. Explore tag assist now.


Email Hunter


What a Tool! How many times a week have you wanted to know a website/companies contact email but couldn’t find it? It was probably hard to find or not there at all.

Email hunter can find an email from anywhere on the web in seconds with one simple click. This plug-in even tries to verify the email and see how likely it is to still be in use. It is free for 150 email requests a month. Download now.




Our list ends with Gorgias. A great Chrome extension to save your email templates. In a job like digital marketing, you will most likely find yourself answering the same questions to various clients or maybe even copying and pasting old responses.

Gorgias allows you to save your response in shortcode, now everytime you respond to an email and you have a suitable template simply type your keyword and click the tab button and bingo! We have found this saves a lot of time and it allows you to even share your templates with others!

01 Dec 2016

Social Media Tips

Social Media is a vastly discussed topic, and there is a lot of online material on the best approach to social media with different inputs from agencies and social media influencers, alike. At Digital Clicks, we believe that a strong foundation and well researched start to a social media campaign, is half the job done. We’ve compiled some handy social media tips to get you started on your campaign.

Social Media Tips
Social Media Tips


For more information on how to get the most out of your social media campaigns, get in touch with the team on 01223 789 252. We provide a 360 degree approach to digital marketing, specialising in SEO, PPC, ORM and Social Media. Contact our team for custom packages and no-obligation quotes today.

25 Oct 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts when Handling Multimedia

Let’s face it, chances are your site features a truck-load of multimedia which makes for a vibrant and diverse user experience. Think about the amount of images, videos, brochures and interactive elements that are on your site… The list goes on. Ever stopped to ponder over whether its all been implemented in a way that’s helping to maximise your online visibility? If you have a hunch that things may not be up to scratch and you’re looking to improve your SEO, then you’re in luck – hopefully this article will be an asset to you.

Video Content

Site speed is a major factor determining search engine rankings and the way that videos are handled on your site can greatly impact the speed at which your site loads. This is just one of the reasons why its nearly always best to embed your videos as opposed to hosting them directly on-site – the burdens of streaming are handled by the provider, whether it be YouTube or one of the many others, which will speed up your site and allow for a better user experience.

Here’s a bonus tip too: a video transcript can be the perfect foundation for a blog article. Blogging is a great way to add fresh content to your site and what easier way to create a useful article than to provide highlights or analysis of a recent video that you have created. Make your content work harder for you!

PDF Content

Now we’re not here to condemn PDF files and their use on websites. Quite the opposite, PDF files can be quite worthwhile. However, this is only if the PDF document has been crafted correctly.

Long story short, make sure that your PDF originates from a text based program like Microsoft Word which means that you will avoid the PDF file being created as an image. Any text that is featured in the file will then be able to be indexed and followed by search engines (that includes links too!)

Image Files

Say you take a hi-res photo of a person using a good quality camera. Chances are, the image dimensions are going to be pretty big and the file size is going to be weighty too. You could go straight ahead, upload this file to your site and then resize using HTML to shrink it down for use on your page. Problem is, the file size is still going to be the same. Bigger file size = slower page loading time.

Here’s a little practical demonstration for you to try. If you see an image on a site, quickly do the following:

  1. Hover over it
  2. Right click on it
  3. Hit ‘open image in new tab’ (if you’re using Chrome)

If the image you see in this new tab is the same size as what it was when you originally saw it on the site, then give the webmaster a pat on the back. What they’ve done is scaled the size of the image to the exact dimensions required, before uploading to the site. This is the ideal approach from a site speed perspective as the file size is going to be proportionate to the required display size of that image.

Adobe Flash

Flash has lost credibility over the years and its reputation is pretty bleak. While it used to be used widely to display rich content, animations and much more, the reality nowadays is that it’s a cyber-security nightmare.

Not only this, but search engines hate flash. A couple of years back, Google actively started warning mobile users that sites were using Flash and that it may not be compatible with their device *cough* iPhone *cough*. More recently, earlier this year, Google put a stop to Flash based ads in AdWords and DoubleClick. Indeed, it seems the end is nigh for poor old Flash and we would seriously recommend a rethink if your site currently features it.

Thanks for reading our ‘The Do’s and Don’ts when Handling Multimedia’ article. Be sure to visit the rest of our Digital Marketing Blog for all the latest happenings in Digital Marketing.

We’re Digital Clicks, SEO specialists working in Cambridge with clients across the whole country. We specialise in SEO campaigns, especially when one wants to optimise for a local SEO campaign in Cambridge. For more information, any help or advice for your campaign or to know more about how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.

08 Jul 2016

How to spruce up your social accounts

As we all know, social media is an unprecedented power when it comes to business. Companies would be foolish to not have some sort of presence on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. But even with these pages up and running, you need to keep audiences engaged. They say variety is the spice of life – so here is our advice on how to keep things exciting.

Don’t post marketing message after marketing message, promotion after promotion

Nobody wants to follow a page whose only updates are marketing or promotional material. Social media allows consumers to connect on another level with brands and businesses. People want to see some personality and character and experience something more personable from companies.

Keep in-touch with and monitor trends on networks like Twitter, but make sure it’s relevant to you.

During Wimbledon’s world-famous tennis tournament, businesses tweeted using #Wimbledon. Vogue Magazine tweeted about strawberries, H&M chatted about tennis inspired clothing and Tatler commented on Wimbledon as a travel destination. Even though these brands may not be directly related to tennis, it shows they are up to date with trends.

Post/share a variety of content ranging from web links to images and videos to polls.

Noticed a funny picture or interesting article? Chances are others will find it entertaining too. Sharing is big business on Facebook and Twitter and you could reach thousands of potential customers. If you’re a thought leader in your industry, create a highly shareable infographic based on research.

Be emotive and encourage engagement

There are so many ways for users to engage with companies online. Use features like Facebook Reactions, Periscope and Facebook Live to connect with your audience. Streaming platforms allow followers to comment whilst broadcasting and encourage conversation. In general, don’t ignore your consumers.

Know your audience and ensure that tone of voice & styling resonates with them

Take a look at BuzzFeed. 50% of their demographic is under 35 and their content reflects that. Full to the brim with pictures, GIFs and articles written in an identifiable tone. Compare that to a company targeting an older demographic or a super specific market, and you’ll notice a completely different style and sound.

But don’t be afraid to experiment! – Within reason. Try different styles of post and see what works.

Start out with small changes, like varying the time you post content. Uploading at 10am might be convenient, but what if you want to access an audience that isn’t active on social media until 6pm. Switch up how you present your info, add pictures, videos and humour or try changing your language style to appeal to different people.

Its never a bad time to revamp your social accounts and hopefully these tips have inspired you to try something fresh and new. Remember to keep it exciting and interesting, take advice from your audience and keep connected.

Thanks for reading our ‘How to spruce up your social accounts’ article. Be sure to visit the rest of our Digital Marketing Blog for all the latest happenings in Digital Marketing.

We’re Digital Clicks, SEO specialists working in Cambridge with clients across the whole country. We specialise in SEO campaigns, especially when one wants to optimise for a local SEO campaign in Cambridge. For more information, any help or advice for your campaign or to know more about how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.

10 Jun 2016

Mobile Marketing Enters a New Era

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably aware of how important it is to consider mobile across pretty much every aspect of your digital marketing. Take local SEO for instance: around a third of all mobile searches are related to location and local searches on mobile are increasing in number 50% faster than mobile searches in general. All those searches that end in ‘near me’ mount up right? It goes without saying that you certainly can’t afford to be invisible to potential customers searching in the local community for your industry/service.

That’s all well and good, and chances are you’ve heard all this before. However, our good friends over at Google have been working on a few things that will ramp up the importance of focusing on mobile even more and it’s these that you probably haven’t heard about all that much.

You may or may not know that the speed at which your website loads is factored in by Google when ranking your site, but its only desktop sites that have to worry about site speed. That’s right, when Google ranks mobile sites they don’t actually care about how quickly it loads which may come as a surprise.

Don’t get us wrong, a fast site (both on desktop and mobile) is crucial to user experience and satisfaction but that’s a whole different ball game. Here’s the low-down: it’s all going to change. Google have announced proposed changes to the page speed ranking factor to ensure that it looks definitively at the page speed of your site on mobile devices. Good news if you have a responsive site that has been given some TLC when it comes to loading speed, but it could spell a little trouble if you have a completely separate mobile site – you may have to specifically look at the loading speed of this version.

AdWords is looking to captivate mobile users through maps, too. Imagine walking along following your route, Google Maps in hand, and looking down at your screen to notice there’s a Starbucks logo winking at you just round the corner. What’s more, tapping this logo will reveal a coupon for a free cappuccino with every purchase of a cheese toastie. Brilliant, right? This could soon be a reality. Google is offering advertisers ‘promoted pins’ (“wait, I thought that was Pinterest?” we hear you say) which allow for company logos to appear on maps, which when tapped can reveal coupons and other promotions to encourage you to deviate from your route.

So there you have it. The latest stats around mobile search and developments like those mentioned here are giving “the future is mobile” a new meaning. Watch this space: you have a long way to go if you’ve only just made a responsive website!

Thanks for reading our ‘Mobile Marketing Enters a New Era’ article. Be sure to visit the rest of our Digital Marketing Blog for all the latest happenings in Digital Marketing.

We’re Digital Clicks, SEO specialists working in Cambridge with clients across the whole country. We specialise in SEO campaigns, especially when one wants to optimise for a local SEO campaign in Cambridge. For more information, any help or advice for your campaign or to know more about how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.