What Is AB testing?

A/B testing, also called a split test, is a process of comparing two versions of a page at the same time in order to see which version gives the best conversion rate. It is a type of Conversion Rate Optimisation. Using AB testing, you can find out which version of a page is better without

What is CRO?

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?   Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a way of improving your site through user feedback and analytics. The aim can be to improve many factors, such as bounce rate or click-through, or more usually the conversion of visitors into sales. This essentially means finding out exactly what your visitors are

Real Time Conversion Monitoring

Throughout the last year the team at Google Analytics have been working hard on Real-Time reports. The additions made by Google enable profiles to fully support data in real time so that businesses can check immediate website traffic and optimise their debugging system. Recently Google has further improved their system by including: events analysis, real-time

Website Testing: Does it Affect Rankings?

When deciding on the format, layout and structure of a website, companies often test out different versions to see which is most successful. Software allows you to track website visitors’ activities on your website (or webpage) and see how users interact differently to each version. In this vital stage of web development, you will be

Google Maps eye tracking study proves the use of social search

Mediative, the company formerly known under the name Enquiro recently conducted an eye-tracking and click-tracking study for users of Google Maps that will be of considerable interest to all the SEO companies out there.  The study aimed at finding out how users typically interact with the service and studied this by tasking the participants to