Content Marketing Blog Formats

It is becoming increasingly apparent that content marketing is the promotional strategy of choice for online marketers and plays a key role in SEO strategies, a tactic based around inserting keywords into relevant content to ensure they are registered by search engines. The keywords are placed in an organic way in order to affect the visibility of a website in the search engine’s natural (unpaid) results; the higher in the results the website, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. Many search engines favour new content so there is a constant need for fresh articles. This means content marketing requires a lot of time and effort to produce a constant flow of new content in large quantities. There is also significant skill required to keep the quality of the articles high, not to mention insert the keywords in a natural way – a crucial step, as search engines are able to detect spam.

All these demands can cause a marketing team to burn out pretty quickly, but a great way to maximise the amount digital marketers are able to produce is to work from a blog post format; this minimises the headache constantly trying to begin new articles from scratch can cause, and help shake that overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin.

There are a few basic styles which can help to produce great, varied content; the first comes in the form of a list post. They are simple, quick and easy to write – and read, so your readers will appreciate them as much as you do!

Next up, why not try an interview post? Hearing from someone else within their field always attracts readers, particularly if the subject is successful. Enjoy the additional perk of effortlessly tapping into the subject’s fan base too.

Can’t find a willing interviewee? Review someone (or something) instead! Take an article or product that you know your target audience will respond to and evaluate it in a fair, unbiased way – though try to put your own spin on the article to keep things interesting.

If reviewing isn’t your preferred style you could always round up relevant, interesting, outrageous or amusing links from the internet. Track down the best sites, articles or blogs and group them in one place for your readers to learn something new – plus you’ll attract shared interest from the original author sites.

Whilst on the subject of learning new things, process posts are always popular; if you have a skill or are able to break down difficult processes, consider writing a ‘how-to’ article. Text, image, video and interactive links can help simplify even the most complex techniques.

Controversial POVs can spice up an overexposed topic. If you avoid being unnecessarily antagonistic, challenging the accepted wisdom is always exciting.

Finally, if all else fails, give something away! Create a competition with a defined process that will benefit your business – you could ask for Social Media followers or ‘shares’ in exchange for entry.

Don’t use these formats too often as they’ll be detrimental to your blog and become obvious to your readers. Traditional article formats are great too – but it’s reassuring to know there’s a contingency plan in place for when writers block strikes!