4 Easy & Honest SEO Mistakes That Could Penalise Your Site

SEO is an important part of maintaining your online presence and bringing traffic to your site. By not taking full advantage of your site’s SEO potential, you not only run the risk of not being recognised by Google’s ranking results, but your mistakes could cause your site to be penalised. Keep on track of your site’s SEO capability by ensuring that you don’t make these four common mistakes:


  1. Using the wrong keywords, or not linking them at all. By using keywords that are irrelevant to your site, not only will you confuse your visitors, but your site is less likely to appear in search engines when keywords that you want to track aren’t registered on your site. Another common mistake is including these keywords, but not including any internal links to other web pages on your site, your existing blog articles, or other relevant links that could provide valuable information or contact details to your potential customers. Not only do you make your site look unprofessional by having irrelevant keywords littered everywhere, but Google won’t be able to provide you with that necessary traffic. Your keywords should be relevant to the content on your site and reflect what people are commonly searching on Google.


  1. Keyword Stuffing. The other side of keyword misuse is ‘overstuffing’ your content with blatantly obvious attempts to include keywords. Not only does this make your content annoying to read and look unprofessional, but Google penalises sites which continuously include keywords in their content to try and rank higher. This technique will do you more harm than good, so use keywords in moderation.


  1. Internally linking every other word. Linking your content can be a good SEO technique if used sparingly, but if you intend to hyperlink every other word and the majority of your content is linked, you’re hurting your rankings, especially if they’re not relevant to the content on your site. Strategic placement of internal links is more likely to bring extra traffic and hits to your site than stuffing them in there to boost the word count with the intention of cheating Google’s ranking system. Not only will you fill your page with repetition and unnecessary links, but your site will also be punished for it.


  1. Failing to update broken links. Chances are, your website will change, or the other sites that you’ve linked to within your site will. Pages may get deleted without warning, and this can litter your content with clickable links that only bring back error messages. If you leave these broken links in your content, Google will think that your site isn’t being updated and both your ratings and your site will suffer for it. Update or remove broken links frequently to keep your content relevant and helpful.


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