Successful Local SEO & digital marketing: 3 Tips

With the rapid speed that the digital world is changing, local search results are becoming more and more relevant to both search engines and users. For a vast number of keywords and search terms, search engines will look to provide you with local results above national, using your device IP and other technical factors to

Optimising for SEO Cambridge – Some Common Mistakes

SEO Cambridge; it’s a pretty competitive market, like most industries. When utilising any digital marketing strategy, you have to ensure that you complete every task properly and thoroughly. If you don’t, then we can almost guarantee that your competitors do.   In this post, we look at 3 common mistakes that businesses make within their

5 SEO Specialist Myths

SEO has long been considered some sort of dark, mysterious art. Of course that’s just gobbledy-gook; well, the dark and mysterious part anyway. Here we list some of the top 5 myths about SEO specialists.   1. “Outsourcing to SEO specialist is more expensive than doing in-house” What’s that old saying? Time = money. It

Increase Followers on LinkedIn

So far in this series on How to use LinkedIn for business, we’ve covered setting up a LinkedIn business page, and how to set up a personal LinkedIn page. Next, we will discuss how to increase your follower count.   Follower count has been called a vanity metric, because audience size doesn’t say much about your influence