Google’s manual web spam actions

This new feature was released by Google on August 12th after a few days of delays and problems with implementing the feature. This is another in the long line of spam fighting features that Google has implemented over the past few years to get rid of spam results on its massively popular search engine, from

New Details Revealed for Using Google’s Disavow Tool

For those of you who don’t know about or haven’t heard of the Google Disavow Tool; we at Digital Clicks thought we would give you a helping hand in knowing about it. The Google Disavow Tool allows you to tell Google about potential incoming links which could affect your sites ranking, and disavow them. This

Google’s SafeSearch Had a Bug!

It is well known that Google algorithms help users find the best results matching their queries within Google’s organic search results. But earlier this year Google faced some problems with their SafeSearch tool, with engineer Jeremy Hoffman commenting in a Quora thread suggesting it was a bug! SafeSearch allows users to change their browser settings