Google Authorship: is it the real deal?

Putting a picture to your words Google continue their dominance in the search engine market with the recent creation of their code referred to as ‘Google Authorship’, this nifty application allows Google to certify content created by the user. It connects the content created on the Google + account to the search engine results pages

Link building: do’s and don’ts

As online marketing experts, we are always thinking of strategies that will help our websites to perform better on the search engines & across the web. Here are some handy tips on how to build links effectively for SEO Do’s Develop a well optimised site and keep it up to date as this will encourage

From Summer, Link Spammers are Less Likely to Show up in Search

Google’s Matt Cutts recently addressed some major points within Google’s Penguin update (2.0) via a short webmaster video released on his website Within his presentation Matt claimed that Google will be taking a stronger stance against those using advertorials, adverts disguised as paid articles or journals, by ensuring they do not feature as highly

Real Time Conversion Monitoring

Throughout the last year the team at Google Analytics have been working hard on Real-Time reports. The additions made by Google enable profiles to fully support data in real time so that businesses can check immediate website traffic and optimise their debugging system. Recently Google has further improved their system by including: events analysis, real-time

The History of Google Updates

Google functions its ranking of websites through a series of complex algorithms factoring in use of keywords, advertisements, human generated links and many other elements. The major algorithms used by Google are updated regularly, categorised by two different names, Panda and Penguin. The first Google Panda update was in January 2011 targeting content farms, thin

Tag Manager from Google

In October 2012 Google launched Google Tag Manager which allows users to consolidate all of their site’s tags into a single admin panel. Now nine months down the line Google Tag Manager is tried and tested, with positive reviews from many major businesses after implementation. If you are running processes such as Google Analytics, Adwords

Facebook Recommendations Box – What Is It?

We at Digital Clicks have been searching to understand what Facebook’s recommendations box is. Other than a constant flow of how to add one to your page it seems no one really knows what it is. It is all rather confusing! We have found that although there is a recommendations box which can be placed

How Important is Graph Search?

Facebook’s new Graph Search at first glance seems to be a direct attempt to rival Google search, however the social network giants insist they are not looking to cover old ground.The photos, interests, places and friends that users post on their Facebook profiles naturally surmounts to a formidable amount of data that has been steadily