Not Provided Data Increase in Chrome 25

Google are making big changes to Chrome; like Firefox 14 and Mobile Safari before them, all searches made within Chrome will soon be done over SSL. What? Secure Sockets Layer searches provide increased communication security online, specifically designed to allow client-server applications to communicate across a network in a way so as to reduce the

Google Display Campaign: what are the need-to-knows?

For those involved in Pay Per Click marketing, the Google Display Network is invaluable. Creating text, image, video and interactive ads are fast and easy, as is placing them on relevant websites for potential customers to view. However, creating a display campaign is only the first step; it is crucial to test it’s effectiveness. To

Content Marketing Blog Formats

It is becoming increasingly apparent that content marketing is the promotional strategy of choice for online marketers and plays a key role in SEO strategies, a tactic based around inserting keywords into relevant content to ensure they are registered by search engines. The keywords are placed in an organic way in order to affect the