Google Rolls out Panda Update

Did you feel that? Google have officially announced a new data refresh for their Panda update, said to affect 1.2% of English queries. In a tweet from @google, an article from May 2011 was referred to as the background for the update. This same article appears consistently with Panda refreshes, which have an emphasis on

How Can Piggy Backs Improve Marketing?

When England Captain John Terry donned his Chelsea kit for the Champions league ceremony, despite being suspended for the final, it’s safe to say that he received a hefty amount of online ridicule. ‘Doing a John Terry’ became a popular expression to describe taking credit for other people’s success, but what is so wrong with

Facebook Updates for 2012 & 2013

Social media management has become an increasing priority for businesses. As the entire world seems to be glued to laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets to access their many social network accounts, it’s clear that the best way to engage with consumers is by connecting with them online. Despite stiff competition from Twitter and other rapidly

Online vs. Offline Marketing – It’s no contest!

The debate between online and offline marketing may rage on but for the vast majority of those in the business of marketing, it has been fairly obvious for some time that it is not a matter of one trumping the other. There may well be a few luddites around who maintain online marketing is a

How to Co-ordinate SEO & PPC?

  Internet marketing has never been more important. In the current economic climate, a growing number of stores are closing down as they struggle to justify their maintenance, with subsequent focus being directed towards a business’s online presence. With this shift in focus, it is important that websites attract the right customers, this is where

Is Community Pages and Snapseed the next step up for Google+?

Naturally, any company just embarking into world of social networking will always have a Facebook-shaped shadow looming over them, even those with the financial backing of Google. Whatever else anyone says about it however, Google + integrates social and search in a way that has not been seen before. Google + posts have now begun

Optimising For Search as well as Sales

  There are a few quick and simple search engine optimisation tips to achieve a high search ranking. You can add keywords to all your URLs, title tags, and form relationships with prominent bloggers or websites to add links to your webpage. However it’s all very well optimising your website, spraying keywords all over your