Predicting Search Trends for PPC: I Predict A Riot!

PPC management is extensive – from copywriting the ad itself to managing the budget attributed to each campaign – but get the keyword-selection wrong and nothing else matters. Selecting the most lucrative keywords involves assessing its quantity of global and local search queries each month. The more popular the search term, though, the more competitive

Disavow Links Tool Launched by Google

The introduction of a ‘disavow links’ tool has been announced by Google’s Matt Cutts during a presentation at Pubcon. Beta-tested by a selected few SEO practitioners, it was formally announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog. The use of the tool comes with a warning – take precaution before using. If you’re attempting to remove

How to Rank on YouTube: The Search Engine Second to Google

Videos are becoming an increasingly valuable form of content for lead-generation and customer engagement. In a recent announcement, YouTube revealed that they would be updating the nature of their algorithm for ranking YouTube videos by factoring in a ‘time watched’ metric. The new metric has also been added to the YouTube Analytics dashboard, granting video