Which Online Marketing Metrics Should Be Monitored?

When monitoring the effectiveness of your website’s online marketing, webmasters will often place emphasis on tracking metrics such as toolbar PageRank, traffic rates and top 30 rankings. In doing so, they often overlook the more important metrics that give a more accurate description of the nature of their visitors, and what can be affecting search

What Counts Towards the Number on Likes on Social Buttons?

Most blogs, online newspapers, and even a growing number of product pages on eCommerce sites have social sharing buttons to encourage visitors to promote that content on various social media platforms. You’re given the option to Tweet it, Like it, Pin it, Re-blog it… but what’s the true nature of that number? When it comes

Google Adwords Extensions: how to use them

Ad extensions contain extra information and/or links, giving customers more reasons to click on your ad. These can include your address, phone no., or links to integral parts of your site. It’s important to understand these features if you’re involved in PPC management. Here, I’ll list the different types of extension and how and when

Black-Hatters Punished by Google’s Penguin

In their continual efforts to improve the relevance and usefulness of search results, Google is always evolving their search engine algorithms. These changes aim to weed out results that are irrelevant to search terms, are poor-quality, or do not contain the relevant information being looked for by the searcher. Internet marketing experts need to keep

SEO Training & Common Mistakes

When you release a new version of your website, whether that it is a complete redesign or a minor update, it’s important that you check to see that everything is in order from a search engine optimisation perspective. It’s easy to accidentally implement a number of common problems. I’ll outline these common problems: Nofollows on

Digital Clicks: Online Marketing Specialists based in Cambridgeshire

Formerly based in West Hampstead in London, Digital Clicks have now relocated to St. Neots in the heart of Cambridgeshire. Digital Clicks provide a number of Internet marketing services, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click Management (PPC), Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). We pride ourselves on building strong personal and professional

Google Algorithm Changes Around Exact-Match Domains

The way in which Google deals with Exact-Match Domains (EMDs) has changed since the 28th of September. Constant changes from Google concerning the nature of website rankings mean that SEO experts must stay constantly aware of the changing rules of SEO, and adapt their online marketing strategy accordingly. An initial Weather Change tweet from Google’s

What’s In A Like? A Survey of a Thousand Facebook Users

Obviously, numbers are important. In any marketing campaign, it’s best if every move is backed up by cold, hard statistics, and strategy is supported by evidence and guided by accurate projections. Online advertising experts can use hundreds of metrics to evaluate the important numbers – their PPC spend, click-through rates, search rates, conversions… a value

Useful Copywriting Techniques and Pitfalls to Avoid

There are a number of pitfalls copywriters can fall prey to when developing effective copy for websites. Long and Concise Copy? You might expect long copy – paragraphs stretching to over 1,000 words – to bore readers. But studies have shown that long copy is more effective than brief copy… if it is written well.

How Online Reputation Management Can Positively Promote Your Brand

As the web continues to expand, we see a constant influx of user-generated content (UGC) emerging everywhere. Even the most comprehensive of marketing teams are unable to create enough content to promote maximum visibility across all the platforms the vast World Wide Web has to offer. Giving incentives to consumers may lead to them acting