A New Design for Twitter

Been on Twitter lately? It seems there have been a few changes! You can now access your profile page easily from the home screen by selecting the new “Me” tab across the top. When you get onto your profile, you’ll have the option of making a new ‘header’ image. Whilst it’s not particularly revolutionary, or

Sharing Social Media with Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps let you update multiple Facebook pages, post tweets, or add to the conversation on LinkedIn, and a number of other social platforms, without ever having to log-onto the site in question. This makes sharing across multiple platforms much easier, especially if it is the same content you wish to share. You can edit

Correcting Falling Quality of PPC Leads

When carrying out a PPC campaign as part of your online marketing strategy, it’s important to look at the quality of your leads. Are the people visiting your site via a pay-per-click ad actually turning their click into a conversion? Sometimes, you might find that the leads just aren’t quality enough – there’s not a

Meta Keyword Tags Announced by Google for News

Google has recently announced a new keyword meta tag for use in their search engines. But don’t worry – this isn’t a step backwards to the day when search engine optimisation meant meta tagging each page with the keywords (which left the door open for a hell of a lot of spammers). This new meta

40 New Metrics for Google Analytics Core Reporting API

Google Analytics Core Reporting API already provides an extensive range of tools to analyse, report and optimise a number of metrics, including conversions, web and mobile interactions. Last Tuesday, 18th September, Google added 40 new metrics to improve the tool even further – great news for internet marketing experts and businesses already using the Analytics

Google Instant Search Banishes The Pirate Bay

Following a crack-down on illegal piracy content on the internet, Google has removed BitTorrent website ‘The Pirate Bay’ from its auto-complete search function. Google suggests the most appropriate search phrase completions by popularity, meaning that SEO optimised sites fare well, and would previously auto-complete searchers beginning to type ‘thepiratebay’. ^ No sign of the ‘thepiratebay’

Checking Whether a Bingbot Is Actually From Bing

When you see what appears to be a Bingbot on your server logs, it’s possible that you may want to check to see whether it is actually originating from Bing, and not an imposter that has been allowed access to crawl your site. Bing has addressed the issue, describing the following method to verify the

Securing Attention when on Twitter

Twitter is a great way of getting your message out there, and drawing attention to your brand (whether that’s your company or your personal brand). But when your followers might be following hundreds or even thousands of accounts, it’s easy to feel as if your tweets are getting lost in their constantly updated news feed.

Common Technical Problems Around SEO

There are a number of technical problems that plague websites, causing problems for search engine optimisation. Internet marketing agencies will quickly identify these sorts of problems with your website’s navigation structure. Luckily, most of the problems have a simple solution: Multiple Homepage Versions It’s common to see multiple versions of a homepage that a search

What do People Say About Your Brand Online?

Thanks to the Internet, it is now easy to see what people think about your brand. Before the web, companies may have had to rely on focus groups and questionnaires to get an idea of the sentiment surrounding their brand. Whilst these methods of information gathering are still carried out successfully, the online world provides