Blogger Power!

The internet provides a platform for each and every person to have a voice online.  Bloggers are some of the top targeted people on the hit list for PR companies purely because of the natural influence that they have over consumers. With this in mind, we have to remember, how easy it is to become

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The purpose of online reputation management is not to deceive.  It is human nature to want to rant or moan about 1 unfortunate experience, but where are all the happy customers?  Customers have no idea what happens behind the scenes, they do not understand the processes and work required to make transactions and fulfilment go smoothly.

The importance of Social Media

Social media is not a place only to stay in touch with your friends but a place for everything that is happening at that moment. During the riots twitter and Facebook could be used as alternative news sources and when your mobile phone isn’t working I would check your network’s twitter page in case it