Timeline is A Game Changer for Advertising on Facebook

With the launch of Facebook Timeline for Brands, companies are discovering the potential that Timeline will have for Facebook advertising. Even though it was launched in February; brands have time till March 30th to design and publish content on their page. Before hitting the ‘publish’ tab on your page, let’s understand a few features and

‘Share Dashboards’ by Google Analytics can Help SEO Experts Utilise Their Time Effectively

With the release of new features every month, Google Analytics (‘Analytics’) has become a powerful tool in Internet marketing. Designing marketing strategies and campaigns, and gauging the effectiveness of these strategies are a few examples of what can be done with the data that Analytics provides. The information provided by Analytics is a great resource

Generating More Accurate Search Results with Local SEO

Gone are the days of Yellow Pages, when you had to squint to read the details about a company. People around the world now choose the Internet as their first choice to search for information about products and services. Such has been the impact of Internet in our lives that not a day goes by

The Role of PPC with an Internet Marketing Company

Internet marketing is complex in nature. It utilises several resources, tools, algorithms and technologies to promote businesses online. It is also one of the fastest growing platforms. Traditional marketing methods make continue to rule for the time being, but online marketing will play a big role in the future. An internet marketing company relies on

SEO Specialists – The On page and Off page Optimisation People

Internet marketing revolves around several crucial elements. Each element plays its role to accomplish the following tasks. To push a website to the top of the search engine results page. Convert hits generated from the above strategy into actual leads or sales. Continuous monitoring of all the strategies including social media, so that marketing efforts

Volunia – Social Search Engine

It is now an open secret that website ranking does depend on many parameters which were not considered important enough in the past. One of the parameter, which has suddenly caught the fancy of every SEO expert, is the social media presence. A strong presence typically catapults a website in terms of ranking. Leading search

Panning & Preparing for a Traffic Spike

Internet marketing has assumed monolithic proportions. Today, it has become a billion dollar industry. Every small and large company utilises WWW platform to market its products and services. Internet marketing allows companies to find out more about their customers, their behavior and their preferences. It is also an affordable option to increase sales. Internet marketing

Multinational Content Delivery: some essential features

Marketing products and services on WWW is no child’s play. Gone are the days when Meta tags were enough to push your website to the top of the search results page, thereby providing you with thousands of hits or leads? Today internet marketing has become a complex affair. Marketing via internet is now dependant on