Links in Iframes: do they pass value in Google?

Iframes are those inline frames inserted on a HTML page using Javascript to add a link up to new pages. It has been realised that adding linkup via Iframes adds value to the web page. The advantages of adding value to a web page are obviously several. Using Iframes it is possible to pass values

Ignore Conversions to Improve PPC Results

Pay per (PPC) or cost per click campaign is one model of generating revenue by a web site. The web click site hosting an advertisement gets revenue each time the advertisement is clicked. It is no secret that a web site survives on advertising and it will therefore seek every means to generate revenue. There

Personalised Search in the world Launched by Foursquare

Foursquare is becoming an increasingly popular application. The whole idea of location based social networking is really exciting in itself. One reason for the growing popularity of foursquare is the increasing popularity of smart phones and the fact that foursquare is much better than its SMS based predecessor Dodge ball. Right since its launch, Foursquare

AdWords Introducing the Ad – Group Impression Share Metrics

Adwords is till now the biggest source of income for internet giant Google. Adwords generated a total of $28billion in revenue for Google in the year 2010 alone. Adwords can be called the one stop shop for all online marketing needs. Google is known to run some of the most efficient PPC campaigns, campaigns which

Google’s Personalises Results with “Search Plus Your World”

Google has launched a new search method called ‘search plus your world’. The new format by Google promises some radical new changes in the search experience. The new format mixes content that had been previously shared with the searcher along with content from the public web. The feature hasn’t fully launched yet and only those

New Change to Google’s Page Layout Algorithm

Google recently announced a new change in their page layout algorithm. The announcement comes after a number of users complained to Google about the results they display in their search results page. Many websites introduce a number of advertisements on their pages. Many times these advertisements are so many that there are just advertisements above

Search Wins Over Social for Local Business Information

A recent survey by Pew internet and American Life shows some really interesting statistics. Internet and internet in general and search engines in particular are the most used sources for information regarding local businesses. The interesting part is the difference between percentage of people using internet and the percentage of people using local TV channels.

The Title Tag Algorithm by Google

Website owners optimise their websites according to some specified title tags. These title tags should than be used to rank the pages in search results. However, many website owners have expressed concern about Google ignoring their optimised title tags which has made things difficult for them. Companies spend a lot of money for search engine

Easy Google Analytics Configuration is Possible

Everyone who starts using Google Analytics thinks that using it will be a cakewalk. All you have to do is copy the given tracking code and paste it on every webpage of your website. This looks very easy and Google analytics would actually be a cakewalk if you are planning just to copy-paste and not

Google Analytics Data Alerts

Google analytics is a powerful tool for internet marketing. You can use the ocean of data that Analytics provides to design your marketing strategies and even use it to gauge the response of a strategy that you implemented. No one can check the data every day. If you are an SEO experts, you would be