A Face Lift for Facebook Insights with Page Analytics

The recently introduced features in “Insights Tab” by Facebook have brought smiles on the faces of social media advertisers. This tab will provide page administrators and social media managers several innovative data reporting tools. These tools will offer important data on the users, their geographic locations and their interaction with Facebook “Pages”. An online advertising

What’s The New Twitter?

It is no longer a secret that Social media activities play a big role in the success of a business website. It also helps websites fetch a better page rank in search engine search results. Twitter, is one of those platforms that is exploited for various marketing tasks. Twitter can be quite intimidating for the first

Top-of-Page Bidding Options Unveiled in AdWords

Adwords is an advertising platform, which is a major source of revenue for Google. It is estimated that Google will earn advertising revenues in excess of US $ 30 billion this year. Adwords typically allows three forms of advertising. 1. Pay-per-click advertising – It allows marketers to advertise products and services. This is done by

Google’s Fresher Image & Blog Results

Google is very serious about the search results that its search engine delivers to its users. Refinements have become a continuous process; not a month passes when Google is not busy fine tuning the search algorithms. As Google’s search engine evolves into an intelligent and more humanly tool, internet marketing experts are already feeling the

Multilingual Support with Markup Improved by Google

Today, online competition has forced website developers and owners to provide content and services in more than one language. The idea is clear. Website owners do not want to miss out the opportunity of exploiting non-English speaking audience. There is yet another scenario where the website owners have to provide alternatives within the same language.

Core Reporting API Introduced by Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free service; a tool which allows marketers, website owners and business enterprises to know how a visitor reached their site, how it was explored and of course the time spend on each section of the website. This information is crucial; it helps increase conversions and allows SEO folks to fine tune

Google Analytics Integrates Social Sites

Google has surprised everyone with their latest plan. It appears to be a little adventurous but only time will tell. Google is planning to launch a social data hub which will be utilized in their analytics tool. The idea behind such a data hub is to provide information about sharing, commenting and voting statistics from

Google+ Improves Gmail and Contacts

Developed under the codename Emerald Sea, Google+ is search engine giant Google’s social networking platform. Google has chosen to call it as a project rather than using the term application or product. This project aims at streamlining how users share and connect with each other. This project is still in its early days but one