The Launch of the Smart Friend lists by Facebook

Facebook is known for constantly updating and improving its site due to the high volume of traffic and constant additions people make to their social networking page. Improvements are usually implemented without question and before you know it, you’re use to the new layout and can’t even remember how you survived using the old format.

Top Universities Use Google Apps for Education

It’s true; Google is absolutely everywhere. Not that this is news to probably anyone living south of the North Pole, but the fact that Google has now managed to infiltrate 61 of the top 100 universities within the US with their Google Apps is pretty impressive. These institutions of academia, renowned the world over, have

Video Search Engine Optimisation

Youtube is one of the largest search engines in the world. Perhaps due to its exclusively video based content however, people often fail to think of it as a search engine at all. It may be a slightly different example of one, but just like Google, Bing and Yahoo it employs specific algorithms to determine

Google Bulleted Snippets

The official insider’s blog written by those who work for Google, for those who use Google is a series of posts updating Google users to the methodology that goes behind the new designs and creative changes we see on our day to day visit to the SERP giant. Google has recently launched ‘Google Bulleted Snippets’;

PPC Optimisation Tips

What is PPC Optimisation? PPC (Pay Per Click) Optimisation can be an effective way for companies to advertise and market their messages to prospective customers within 70 characters or so. This limit in length has forced advertisers to be more creative with their marketing strategies and convey their messages directly and successfully. The success rate