Adding Google plus 1 to your website

You cannot go on any website now without being able to tweet about it or ‘Like’ it on Facebook, this list includes products, people, companies and even the website itself. The social media revolution continues with the addition of Google’s Plus 1 button. Similar to the Facebook ‘Like’ button, the plus 1 is following the

Website Live Chat

What is it? : Website Live Chat Support Software is part of the technological revolution that alongside social media and online marketing tools are becoming frequently used by companies to engage their clientele in new and innovative ways. Following in the foot steps of Twitter which has fast become a major marketing tool with companies

How does GoogleBot discover and index your web pages?

SEO or ” Search Engine Optimisation” plays an important role in the running of any successful online business. Search engine optimisation determines how highly a website will rank when a specific term is searched using a search engine, and since customer’s typically only examine the first few search results of the first page, it is

Basic rules for keyword selection

Keyword selection and insertion are two of the most important features of SEO. Keyword populated content leads to your pages being deemed relevant by search engine crawlers and is responsible in no small part for the rankings which website’s receive. Content makes the SEO world go round. In terms of keyword selection, it is of

SMO: Turning Facebook fans into traffic

Okay so you’re on Facebook and your company fan page has a fairly decent following, great work! But how can you turn these fans into website traffic? After all, the entire purpose of SMO, like any part of marketing, is to ultimately increase brand awareness, create a strong brand image, persuade people to buy the

Blogging: Dos & Don’ts

It’s common knowledge that blogging makes up a huge part of SEO. As well as generating large amounts of traffic through quality content that gets shared rapidly through social media users, it also boosts your search optimisation through successful link building strategies. So how can you make sure that you’re doing it to the best

Understanding Search Intent

Understanding user intent while they search is an important aspect of SEO and PPC as while Google’s and other search engine’s algorithms continue to be updated, the general reasons for searching and means of searching remain similar. There generally 3 accepted ‘intent’ while searching. If queries are ‘navigational’, users know exactly what they are looking

LinkedIn Social Ads

Recently LinkedIn responded to criticism incurred by their recent changes to their 3rd party PPC ads. The changes featured members of users’ networks alongside brand ads if those members were following that brand or service. The ‘worlds largest professional network’ announced the changes in June and provided an opt-out option for users if they didn’t

PPC & SEO: Why they work best combined

It’s common knowledge amongst marketers that both pay per click advertising and organic search optimisation are at their most effective when enforced together. When you go to the supermarket, you tend to notice the brand that occupies the most shelf space for a particular item and you automatically assume that it’s one of the more