Facebook For Business

Google’s Adwords Express was an attempt to tap the market of small businesses that had have yet to move into the world of Internet Marketing by simplifying the ad making process. Google+ hasn’t been so kind to businesses, when brands understandably tried to utilise the service, Google asked them to wait for a brand orientated

SEO: Google Page Speed Online

According to Google’s tech team, page loading speed will effect search rankings. For a long time it’s functioned as a factor of Google Adwords, but is now making the transition to organic search rankings as well. It’s of paramount importance to your SEO efforts, therefore, to maximise the potential loading speed of your page. Think

Twitter Marketing: PPC Tweets

Twitter recently introduced promoted PPC ads, which seems to have disgruntled certain users of the service. Promoted tweets have previously been restricted to keyword streams in twitter search feeds. The new ads aren’t restricted to search streams but their visibility is limited to who is following the brand in question. Users will only see the ads if

SEO: Blekko vs Google

“Oh great, another search engine. Why bother? Google has it covered,” is exactly how most people would respond upon learning about the introduction of new search engine Blekko. From an SEO perspective, however, this search engine could be a game changer. The engine is aiming to provide a search that will “slash out spam, content

Effective Email Marketing

While SMO has become a major force for driving traffic and addressing users, the email component of any Internet marketing strategy should not be overlooked. Email offers a personalised and targeted form of address, which – providing the email gets past filters – is likely to seen. Email marketing strategies should always be ‘opt-in’ based. ‘Cold emailing’,

Panda Update 2.3

Recently, news spread of Panda 2.3, the latest update to Google’s Panda algorithm and the fourth update since the changes were first made in February. The Panda update primarily focused on the quality of a website’s content based on indicative factors, rewarding those whose content was insightful, unique, factual and trustworthy, amongst other qualities. Many Internet